Who we are

Since BSP ITALIA’s founding, our mission has been to develop and supply a full range of high-quality products and service to industries worldwide that use dyes. Our mission is integral to every aspect of our work.

From research and development to customer support we provide prompt, professional and practical service. Because we offer comprehensive solutions to meet industrial needs, we have the flexibility to tailor products to our clients ’ individual needs.

We believe that our flexibility enables us to provide the first-class service and quick response to changing situations that are essential in the fast-paced Italian and international marketplaces.

We are experienced at satisfying the demands of our clients with technical support, by meeting production goals, and with a completely computerized inventory control and sales system to make sure orders are properly filled and delivered on time.

Furthermore, we maintain the highest standards for the packaging and tracking of our products, in compliance with the chemical industry’s strict regulations.

BSP ITALIA’s laboratories, warehouses and sales offices, strategically located throughout Italy, benefit from a wide distribution network. This network makes it possible for us to deliver in-stock items quickly and efficiently, just hours after an order is placed.

Dyes, pigments and auxiliary BSP ITALIA products are used in many different industries, including textiles, leather, printing, paint, plastics, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, detergents, food processing, cosmetics and toiletries, and manufacturing.

We are deeply committed to environmental protection and take great care to make sure that our products and services scrupulously adhere to all environmental safety guidelines.